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Rick Hamilton

President of Henry Putter Company

Embark on a journey through the  golf career of Rick Hamilton, a whizz in the realm of golf club craftsmanship. Graduating from the San Diego Golf Academy in 1979, Rick honed his skills in every facet of the golf business, including the intricate art of golf club repair.

In the late ’80s, Rick collaborated with the renowned Scotty Cameron at Ray Cook putters, laying the foundation for his extraordinary career. Over the next decade, he served as a PGA Golf Professional at esteemed courses like Mission Bay GC, Oahu CC in Hawaii, and Sierra LaVerne Country Club. It was during this time that Rick pioneered the fitting and customization of putters for PGA, Senior, and LPGA Tour players, earning acclaim from multiple PGA Major Championship winners.

Rick’s journey in the golf world began as a PGA apprentice at Mission Bay Golf Course, where he had the privilege of engaging in insightful conversations with industry giants such as Karsten Solhiem of Ping and Jim Flood of Odyssey putters. These encounters sparked the flame of inspiration that led Rick to design not just putters, but exceptional golf clubs that redefine the game.

Rick’s journey continued to unfold as he delved into golf club design, realizing the nuances of the average golfer’s swing compared to the Pros. From the late ’80s to the present, he has lent his expertise to renowned golf companies, crafting unique designs for Carbite , SeeMore, Rawlings, Tiger Shark, and more. Notably, his latest creations shine through with the Hamilton F2 Golf brand.

Rick Hamilton designed “The Putterman Putters”, precisely crafted specifically for the dynamic golf market in Japan. Embark on a journey of unparalleled precision and performance as you wield a putter designed by a true master of the craft.

But that’s not all—imagine having your putting game elevated to legendary status, just like the golf icons Arnold Palmer, Fred Couples, Lee Trevino, Ray Floyd, and Seve Ballesteros. Rick Hamilton, with his wealth of experience, personally crafted and fitted putters for these legends, and now, you have the opportunity to experience the same level of expertise.

Now, Rick Hamilton proudly unveils his magnum opus—the birth of The Henry Putter Company. Witness the culmination of decades of passion, expertise, and innovation as Rick introduces a new era in putter craftsmanship.

But don’t just take our word for it—PGA Tour players attest to the excellence of Rick Hamilton putters, with numerous victories on the prestigious PGA Tour. Watch the video below to witness the endorsement and triumphs from the very players who have experienced victory with Rick’s exceptional putters. Elevate your game with The Henry Putter Company, where precision meets passion.

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